konzeptuelle Fotografie | Müge Sever | 2013


Children and the Balloons, Madrid, 2013.

This is the series of photography which was taken in Madrid. In this series there are some kids who are playing with the balloons. The noise of balloons and the game with them cause to the action and the noise. Also, they are the reason of the silence. Because according to them their actions are changing…

Flashmob, Vienna, 2013.

These two photos were taken at the Stephansplatz. The photo of the left side is from a flashmob which is about the protest in Turkey on these days. All the people are sitting on the ground, waiting to start to read their book. The other photo was taken during the night to define the action at nights in this square. The density of the people defines the dynamism of the photos and it brings the concept of “silence” and “noise”.

The Stairs, Barcelona, 2013

This photo was taken at the staircases in La Sagrada Familia. The movement of the photo at the right side brings the dynamism and the idea of “noise”.