konzeptuelle Fotografie | Brian Hoy | 2013

Photo-remixed Literature

A series of images exploring the potential of photography to edit/remix literature, the ‘edit’ or ‘remix’ being a working method that is increasingly more common and relevant to our intensely media-driven society, particularly in the music and audio fields. If sampling and cross referencing continue to boom as an artistic production method and if art has to become increasingly more transdisciplinary in order to operate in a cyber society, then the interpretation of art into new art must also transcend disciplinary definitions.

The series is constructed on the following techniques/principles:

- Aggressive framing renders the text unreadable in order to engage the viewer in speculation and draw them into an imagined narrative about the origins and authorship of the object - the manufacture of mystery through cadre.
- The physical deterioration of the letter and its relationship with the immediate context - the unwanted object inherits a fringe existence.
- Intimacy of literary content - the composition of words has a specific synergy to its visual .
- Ephemerality acts as a conduit for perceived beauty.
- Implication of narrative through context and materiality.
- The whiteness of the paper treated as an artificial horizon to balance the composition.

The broken text is intrinsic to the new interpretation of the poetry, where the object and the words are edited simultaneously.