konzeptuelle Fotografie | Morel Johan | 2012

Blick ins Innere

Silence, shadows and architecture figure prominently in a site tormented by history and its many changes of functions.

Today, the only passengers who are traveling to Nordwestbahnhof are goods or raw materials. The passengers gave away to the warehouses, cranes and trucks. Vegetation covers the stairs, the asphalt is damaged and windows broken. It’s no longer a place of passage, transit population. This is a site that has lost its vitality. Only goods are waiting to be loaded and moved. What is the place of man in this site?

The docks that used to wait for the train have become storage spaces, spaces where static hang a few boxes and materials users. So I decided to work on body movement in this space still. These photographs show a person jumping from the dock to land back on rail way, featuring the space of movement of persons and that of the train. The black and white is required in order to enhance the contrast between a static space and a moving body.