konzeptuelle Fotografie | Lucas Pepin Nicolas Roth | 2012

Natural Renovation The Nordwestbahnhof is an old industrial site who is almost completely working now. Every day there is a huge traffic of trucks who come to bring (or to take) containers to (from) the train cars or the enormous sheds. Some parts are already renovated but almost the whole Nordwestbahnhof is deteriorated by the time.

So we almost made a kind of “landart” installation to be shoot with our cameras. It was really difficult to us just to realize a photography's serie about the Nordwestbahnhof like it is right now. To find a precise topic with the existing configuration. So we choosed to do something for the site and use these installations to be the bases of our photography's work.

Our mission was to find some spots interesting to renovate with some local useless material. Those spots that we choosed were really easy to find : deteriorated walls with holes and cracks, old trucks, train cars... These used materials can be some trashes like a cant, an insulation material or even some grass or flowers found between the trains. We tried to give a kind of “new life” to the trashes materials who are everywhere on the site to improve the appearance, the aesthetic of the existing elements.