konzeptuelle Fotografie | Antonella Sofia Plano | 2012

Through the sky

The first two times I went to Nordwestbahnhof it was closed but it gave me the opportunity to see the place around and I also tried to look through the fences.

All I saw and could take pictures of, were the roofs of the different buildings and elements inside.

The third time I went, I realized that it wasn't so different going inside. I think Nordwestbahnhof is a mixture of many building that work together but don't really have a connection between them. It has suffers many changes through the years and will keep changing since there are new projects being done.

I focused my work on the relation of the elements with the sky. All of them different and special, alive or not, soft or hard, colorful or plain, fluid and solid, which don't show any physical connection to each other, but in some way they are still connected in the same place. Seeing them all together would be easy to differentiate them because of their structure, but the pure blue sky helps to see their essence. They are not different because of their size, because every piece occupies a special place inside Nordwestbahnhof. This close view helps to find the important characteristics such as structure, material, composition, finish and treatment, making it difficult to know what it is at the first glance.