konzeptuelle Fotografie | Fonseca Maria Ines | 2011

My work is focused on the interior of the Cargo Hall in Nord West-Banhof. There was an interest in capturing the textures and the efemer caracter of the place.

In the serie Wagon Perceptions, the goal was to capture the intensity of light and reflections in the Wagons and the “still” movement that these objects carry. The brown environment is almost constant in all the pictures, and by this we get the warm feeling given by the materials we find there.

In the serie Constructing Textures, I was interested in showing the existent interaction between the smaller scale elements in the cargo. The different textures and the composition formed by the objects create, in some cases, a sense of architecturing the space inside the space. In other cases, just the way the light incides in the elements brings out special textures and reflexions.

oben: Constructuring Textures, oben: Wagon Perceptions